Retargeting to Prospects

You know those ads that follow you around the internet after you have been browsing? We can make those happen for your business.

retargetMany local businesses are successful at getting traffic to their websites. But due to many reasons, almost none of those visitors will by or contact you the first time. That is where the very effective practice of retargeting comes in.

Retargeting lets local business advertisers selectively reach out to consumers who have already visited their website, but did not buy or contact them.

We are able to present these consumers with a targeted message on major websites throughout the Internet that is tailored to the type of intent they’ve already shown.

Personalized, targeted follow-up advertising keeps your business top of mind for those customers, bringing them back for critical repeat visits that can add up to a new paying customer.

Why Does My Business Need Retargeting?

  • You have already invested in website design, SEO or PPC, email marketing, social media, mobile marketing, direct mail, print advertising, and/or radio & TV ads
  • Your website is getting traffic – but the problem is almost 98% of visitors to your site do not convert or engage with you on their first visit
  • Marketing research says that it can sometimes take 7-10 impressions or “touches” to stick in peoples heads before they will buy from you – this is especially true for larger ticket items or services
  • We live in very fast-paced world where people are frequently distracted and have short attention spans