How to Verify Your Google Business Profile (GBP) with Video Verification

What is Video Verification for a Google Business Profile?

If you haven’t created a new Google Business Profile (GBP) in a while, you may be surprised to see a new Video Verification option. While postcard verification was once the most common verification method, video verification has become the most widely used verification method for Google for at least the last year or so.

The reason why video verification has become the new standard option mainly revolves around combating spam and fake listings. While this new method is more involved than previous verification methods, it has proven to be much more effective at displaying real businesses that comply with their guidelines/policies.

Google Business Profile - Business video verification

What Your Video Needs to Include for a Successful Verification

In order to successfully verify your Google Business Profile with a business video, you’ll need to show Google the following in one continuous shot:

  • Show your location: Google wants to be able to see proof of your business address. You should capture outside signs, like your street’s name, nearby businesses, or the area around your business.
  • Tools/equipment: Google wants to see proof that a business is operated from your business address. To do this, you can record things like branded company vehicle, equipment, marketing materials, or tools you use to serve your customer
  • Proof of management: Google wants to make sure you are authorized to represent the business. To prove this, you can unlock the store entrance, show a business license or document (make sure it matches your business name and address you provided), or show you accessing your payment or invoicing system.

Google recommends keeping the video length between 1 to 2 minutes, and will not accept any video longer than 5 minutes.

Google Business Profile - Business details needed for video verification

How to Start the Video Verification for a Google Business Profile

Once you have a plan of what you’re going to include in your business video verification, it’s time to start recording. Simply navigate to your Google Business Profile (GBP) on your mobile device.

Note: You can also technically start this process on a computer, but you’ll have to switch to a mobile device to start the recording. For that reason, it’s easier to start and finish the process entirely from a mobile device.

Once you’re logged in on your mobile device, you need to:

  1. Navigate to your Google Business Profile and tap on “get verified”
  2. Select the “Business video” option and click Next until you see the “Start recording” button
  3. Tap “Start recording” to begin the video. When done, tap “Stop recording”, and then “Upload video”

The “sweet spot” for video length is 1 to 2 minutes. Google will not accept a video over 5 minutes.

How Long Does It Take for Google to Approve My Video?

Once you’ve successfully submitted your video to Google, all you need to do is wait. According to Google, it takes them up to 5 business days to review. If you’re verified, you get a notification. If the video method did not work, the “Get verified” button shows up again on your listing and you can try again.

Unfortunately, if Google does reject your video, they do not share details as to why they rejected it. You’ll have to read over this post again and read through the message prompts Google provides to ensure you’re covering every detail that Google is requesting.

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